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Newsletter 9 - Beaulieu Prep - 11 July 2018

From the Headmistress’ Desk

Dear Parents

This has been an incredibly busy period and this newsletter is  full of the details of some of the events which have taken place.

Next week, several of the school staff will be sleeping in cardboard boxes in the school quad in order to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless and to persuade you to donate some of the necessities, which are sorely lacking in nearby communities. Do come to see the teachers in their pajamas on the evening of Madiba’s centenary and to enjoy some star gazing whilst you are here. All donations for communities in need will be gratefully accepted.

During the same morning, the children will be doing a symbolic “Long Walk” in which they will physically carry their donations to a venue at which representatives of the recipient groups will
receive them.

We wish you all a happy three weeks in the run up to the August holidays. Keep warm!

Warm regards

Mrs N. Hillen

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