Beaulieu Prep Newsletter 2 - 2019

From the Headmistress' Desk

You will probably be aware of the case against an Independent Prep school in which the school's contract with a parent was terminated following a spate of threatening and abusive behaviour, by the parent, of coaching and school staff.

This has been covered in the media over the last year as the courts handled, and upheld, the school's right to cancel the contract with the parent. Currently, there is a fresh round of media interest, as the parent's two sons have not been offered places in other Independent Schools.

Because our sports season has just begun and because we had three incidents last year in which our school was required to act against our own parents following abusive behaviour of other parents/ coaching/teaching staff, I thought it was a good idea to ensure that parents are aware of the school's stance on this and how poor behaviour, by parents, at sports practices and matches will be handled.

Although the general principles are already covered in the school documents with which parents are familiar, (Parent Contract, Parents' Charter and Co-curricular Policy) the Co-curricular Committee, which is comprised of parents and staff, feels that it has become necessary to explicitly state our expectations of parents when it comes to school sport.

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