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CPR Training done at Beaulieu Nursery School (BeNS)

World CPR Day

In celebration of World CPR day this year, the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa encouraged their members to provide CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) training to community members.

Mr Barry Mey from Turtle Life Support took this plea to heart and approached us at Beaulieu Nursery School (BeNS) with a request to provide a venue for him to carry out some training. We were delighted to be in a position to help him. Barry conducted thorough, comprehensive and practical First Aid training for our staff earlier this year which a number of us have been able to put into practise successfully.

CPR Training BeNS 4

On Wednesday 16th October, Pastor Freddie Mzila from the Word in Motion Foundation in Diepsloot (one of the organisations supported by our school’s outreach programme) brought 8 ladies to undergo CPR training in a venue at our school. They spent an informative morning with Barry and left saying they had learnt a number of valuable skills from him and that they felt empowered to assist community members in the case of a medical emergency.

CPR Training BeNS 2

We wish them all well and hope that when they are called upon to help a fellow citizen in need, they will put their lessons to good use. We would like to thank Turtle Life Support for providing this valuable training to the communities they are reaching out to.

Mrs Bobby Bain
Beaulieu Nursery School (BeNS)

CPR Training BeNS 3

Training provided by Barry May from Turtle Life Support ( 011 824 0992)
Pastor Freddie Mzila from Word in Motion Foundation (079 829 2683)